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tuspid_dyslexia's Journal

30 September 1986
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I'm not an animal...I'm a human being.

I'm damn intelligent...but I act stupid...a lot.
I'm like twenty...but I still loves me some cartoons.
I adore reading and writing...but video games still rock my socks.
I appreciate sitting alone in silence...but I never miss a chance to run my mouth.
I don't like committing violent acts...but I can still kick your ass.
I hate Quentin Tarantino...but I love his movies.
I love hardcore...but I'll listen to pop when I feel like it.
I'm an extrovert...but I'll be introverted on occassion.
I'm cocky on occassion...but sometimes I still hate myself.
I'm in love...there is no "buts" about that.

Sometimes my imagination can run away with me. I think that's all that needs to be said. Oh...and I'm severely addicted to: Gummi Bears, Ellipsis, apples, oranges, and grapes.